Are you satisfied with your fund administrator?

Funds come to Reliant Fund Services because they’re seeking better service and overall expertise. However, a transition to a new fund administrator is a process that requires thoughtful consideration. As you evaluate the adequacy of your current administrator, ask yourself the questions below. If your responses to these questions start to pinpoint opportunities, it may be time to reevaluate your fund administrator and explore the level of service another
provider can offer.


Is your current administrator supporting your strategic growth with personalized service at a cost in line with what’s being delivered?

Do you find yourself performing tasks your administrator should be handling?


Is employee turnover creating knowledge gaps and inefficiencies within your fund administration team?

Is your account being thoughtfully managed by the most competent professionals or are you relegated to working with inexperienced staff?


Do you feel like a priority to your fund administration team?

Have you been presented with advancing solutions that parallel your business?

Are you having to follow-up on delayed or past-due deliverables?


Do you have around-the-clock access to reliable platforms that provide all the information you and your investors need?

Are you finding that your current fund admin’s technology is outdated and constantly causes issues and delays in reporting?

Ready for a Change?

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